NEWTEC Upgrades PEB40 Wicket Baggers to PEB41 with Touchscreen Controls

Our range of PEB40 bagging machines has been updated. They are now called PEB41.

  • The new machines are mechanically identical to the PEB40-series, but now include a touch screen integrated in the cabinet.
  • This has made the cabinet 80 mm wider than the old type.
  • All other measurements are the same.
  • The touch panel is the type known from the 4000-series.
  • This will ease operation and service on the machine.
  • Performance data is the same as for the old type.
  • Internally the rack is removed and replaced by two EtherCat modules.
NEWTEC PEB41G Carrot Bagger

NEWTEC PEB41G Carrot Bagger

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