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Ag-Pak Shop. Gasport, NY

Ag-Pak Shop. Gasport, NY

Ag-Pak, Inc. is a manufacturer and systems integrator of produce packaging systems and equipment. We manufacture our own line of packaging and conveying equipment. We then combine our equipment with the best packaging machinery from proven US, Canadian, and European manufacturers.

Our systems integration experts design complete systems including bulk and bin handling, storage, conveying, sorting, grading, weighing, bagging, boxing, baling, and palletizing. We assemble the lines in our Gasport, NY factory. Ag-Pak builds framework, platforms, ladders, and components to tie all the equipment together. Our technicians integrate all the electrical controls and programming. Finally, the system is tested by running it in our shop.

Ag-Pak’s field service technicians start-up the systems and service them throughout the life of the equipment. Our parts specialists are always available to help with wear items and other parts.

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Ag-Pak Office, Gasport, NY

Ag-Pak Office, Gasport, NY

Gasport, NY

The main office, located in Gasport, NY is home to all Manufacturing, Parts, Service, and Administrative functions.
Phone: 716-772-2651

Boise, Idaho

Sales and Service – Phone: 509-222-8492


Sales and Service – Phone: 678-429-7699


Sales and Service – Phone: 956-369-8841